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Sep/Oct 2016


Association of Diving Contractors

New secretary to take ADC forward

The plan for making changes and improvement to the way that the Association functions has been in development for just short of one year, and has generally progressed well in that time. Adverts for the role of the secretary were placed just a few months ago, and the interest that they generated was better than expected. Some very interesting candidates came forward, so you can imagine that the final short list was most impressive.

I am pleased to report that, following some careful interviews, Michael Whelan, formerly of Plymouth University and Plymouth Ocean Projects, as well as many other inland/ inshore and offshore diving related activities, has been appointed as the new secretary of the Association. He will start in the role from the beginning of December 2016.


As the outgoing secretary – albeit the one remaining in position until the end of the year, and for a short period thereafter – I wish to be the first to congratulate Michael on being appointed to the role, he clearly has the right background for the position of administrator and technical adviser to the membership. Michael exudes a real passion for this industry sector, and has some very clear thoughts on the ongoing development of the Association. I have no doubt that the Association’s activities will be in safe hands with Michael as the secretary.


The appointment of the secretary is only one part of the changes that are taking place. The Association now has a much more structured footing. Although a form of Management Committee has been in place for approaching 18 months, albeit in a less formal arrangement, the benefits that have come from involving representation from across the full membership spectrum has proved to be most effective.


With changes to the Constitution shortly to be finalised and put before members at the Annual General Meeting in November, the addition of a more active Management Committee that represents every area of the UK and Ireland, as well as having representation from one of the associate members, now forms one of the most important changes in the way things will progress since the Association was formed in 1995 from AODC.

However, all these changes are but one part of the revamped Association – the other part of the equation comes from members; it is the involvement and wishes of the wider membership and the needs of the industry sector that should drive the activities and direction of the Association. The Management Committee and secretary can only do so much without the proactive involvement of ADC members.
More than ever before, the Association now seeks to represent all those involved in inland/inshore activity in the UK and Ireland, in a more professional manner – one that befits the continually improving standing of the Association with contractors, clients and others.


Roger O'Kane





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