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Oct/Nov 2018


Association of Diving Contractors

What's in a logo?

Readers of UCi may have noticed a few recent changes at the Association, namely a refresh of the ADC logo.

So, what’s in a logo?

Well, a logo is a graphic representation or symbol of a company name or trademark and is usually uniquely distinguishable so as to give instant recognition.

The ADC logo has been in existence since the 1980s when it was previously part of the AODC. The O was dropped from the logo to then continue with the ADC when it split to represent the UK and Ireland inland/inshore sector.

Since that time the logo has not been updated. We thought it was time to refresh the logo as the current one appeared to be a little aesthetically tired and we wanted to ensure that the logo remains to be compatible with the myriad of technological devices that it needs to be showcased on in a more modern era.

With consultation and involvement from the Management Committee and members, we discussed what was working and what wasn’t and we can now introduce our refreshed logo.

We have kept to the basic design of the old logo, as this is a recognised industry logo that we felt was important to our members as well as the diving industry. However, we have modernised it with some updated colours and typography to bring the ADC name into the future.

We have ‘Full’, ‘Associate’ and ‘Corresponding’ member versions for our members to use on their websites and relevant marketing material. A full and updated list of our members can be found on our website.


In line with the launch of our logo refresh, we have also launched our new website. Visitors to the website will be able to gain easier access to industry information, a better understanding of what the ADC is, who sits on the Management Committee, and further helpful information.

Members will still have access to all of the ADC’s guidance documents, model formats, safety alerts, information notes and other relevant information.

For those who are not aware, the ADC also conducts online supervisor exams. It was therefore crucial that the new website improved on the current format of the exams. Supervisors will be pleased to know that the online exams now give those sitting the ADC Supervisors exam the option to review answers before submitting their exam should they have sufficient time.

We would urge all supervisors to ensure that they have completed their 2018 CPD as soon as possible – we are now just a few months off from the end of the year.

The website is also always updated with the next available dates for supervisor exam sittings; anyone wishing to register can download the paperwork from the website and then keep an eye on the website for the next available dates. Contact the ADC secretary to book.

Clients will also find it easier to find ADC diving contractors with an added search by location, postcode and name. Clicking on the contractors name will give clients access to contact information and the contractors website.

The Association would urge clients to use the ADC website when searching for ADC member contractors.

We are focusing on making it easier to access and gain information from the inland/inshore sector and the new website will certainly help to do this.


Taira Caton, ADC secretary





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