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Sep/Oct 2014


Association of Diving Contractors

Summer's end signals an increase in activity

Despite a flurry of very important activity earlier in the year, whilst dealing with some of the proposed changes to the ACoPs, the summer has proved to be a very quiet period of activity for the ADC. The sun has been out, so we can expect a lot of work to have been going on around the UK, but in terms of information to be passed onto members and others, there has been very little forthcoming. My suspicion is that this quiet period will change as summer moves into autumn and the expected launch date for the amended ACoPs draws closer.


One noticeable thing that has been observed is the lack of supervisors completing their annual CPD. We review the database weekly and whilst there has clearly been a few who have logged onto the website and completed the online CPD session, it has certainly been quieter than the last few years. Demonstrating that you have completed an annual CPD session is now an integral part of the ADC scheme – failure to complete at least one CPD session per year can result in the validity of the certificate being withdrawn.



There is no need to panic yet however, as anyone who is certificated for the ADC scheme has until the end of the year to complete their CPD, or take part in some form of CPD with their employer, who should advise the ADC separately so that records can be updated. Despite the removal of a substantial number of names from the main list in 2013, following the 2.4-year period that was granted for completion of the initial session, there have been less than ten requests to resit the exam and revalidate certification. It just goes to show how transient the diving workforce is, with people coming and going as the amount of available work increases and decreases over the business cycle.


You will be pleased to hear that we are currently working on the 2015 CPD session that will see the introduction of a new format of document, which will be made available to those doing the online requirement. A format comprising a combination of text and questions is being compiled and tested to make the CPD activity more of a validation assessment rather than a simple reading task. There will be more on the plans for the 2015 session later in the year.


The other big event that starts to get organised around this time of year is the ADC Annual General Meeting. This year the meeting will be held in November at the NEC in Birmingham, a very central venue that seems to have excellent road, rail and air links to make access from most UK and Ireland locations very easy.


Attendance at the AGM is open to all members of the Association, this being the annual opportunity to get up to date on what has been occurring in the year, contribute to the discussions about the ongoing development of the Association, and most importantly to take part in the voting to elect new representatives to the ADC Management Committee. All members should have already received the initial notice about plans for the 2014 AGM (the 20-year anniversary of the formation of the ADC in 1995), however, a second notice/reminder is expected to be circulated by the end of September.



On a final point, the second issue of the 2015 Newsletter is currently being compiled and, subject to the completion of a few of the articles that remain a work in progress, this should be circulated to members and others as a PDF file in the next few weeks. There is still time however to add a few choice items to make it more rounded – if you are a member and have been involved in an interesting project over the last few months, don’t be shy, pass on some information to the secretary who will endeavour to include a mention, or even a few photographs, in this or subsequent Association newsletters.


Roger O’Kane





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