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Blueprint Lab picks Falcon for manipulator testing

9th July 2021

Australia-based electric robotic manipulator specialist Blueprint Lab has selected the Falcon ROV as its lead in-house development platform, according to vehicle’s manufacturer, Saab Seaeye, UK, The Falcon was chosen for being a reliable, proven and easily deployable vehicle, the company said.


“Blueprint Lab’s design concept means their all-electric manipulators can be easily integrated onto different manufacturer’s robotic vehicles, with the Falcon seen as a valuable resource for further manipulator testing in real-world scenarios,” said Saab Seaeye.

The modular technology design in Blueprint Lab’s manipulators, with a lift capacity exceeding 10 kilograms, and over 1200N of grip force, allows multiple end-effector options to be fitted for a wide variety of applications. The advancement of their integrated tooling technologies will be helped by utilising the Falcon’s iCON intelligent control system, said Saab Seaye.


Blueprint Lab said the Falcon’s compact size makes for easy deployment at test sites when trialling manipulator solutions to real-world problems.


“We're excited to push the boundaries of what Falcon customers can do with their vehicle when fitted with our electric manipulators,” said the company’s business development manager, Anders Ridley-Smith.


“Fitted with our Bravo manipulators and the Falcon Integration Kit, operators will have access to a new capability for use in visual and NDT inspection, construction and recovery operations, and other complex tasks,” he added.


Blueprint Lab is supported in its development work by the Australian government.


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