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Nov/Dec 2018


Global pharmaceutical supplies for the marine and offshore industries

Founded six years ago, Healthcare Marine has developed a speciality for providing medical support for diving ops

Using Dri-Ear reduces pain and swelling in the ear

Scottish company Healthcare Marine was founded six years ago and since then has become the fastest growing supplier of medicines and medical equipment in the marine and offshore sectors. Although the company has been in existence for a relatively short time, the partners have an enormous combined experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, wholesaling and logistical businesses.

“Combining our experience and skills, we set about developing Healthcare Marine into a company that stands apart from the traditional supply companies. We wanted to get a closer understanding of our clients’ needs and become not just a supplier but a partner and we are well on our way to achieving this,” says the company.

The offshore environment is one which is hostile and dangerous and the reliance on first class medical care is vital to the people who work in it.

Healthcare Marine has developed a speciality for providing medical support for diving operations as it has grown and it now supplies its top of the range DMAC 15 medical kits to companies throughout the UK and Europe.

“We particularly recognise the importance of ear health in diving,” says the firm. The warm, oxygen-rich, high-pressure surroundings of a diving chamber make an ideal environment for the propagation of fungi and bacteria in the external ear canal leading to debilitating infections. In turn, this can prevent divers from operating and cause delays to planned work.

Three years ago Healthcare Marine introduced Dri-Ear which is designed to prevent and treat infections of the outer ear (otitis externa). The product is an acetic acid/aluminium acetate compound, a combination that stops the growth of bacteria and fungus. Using Dri-Ear in treating infection reduces pain and swelling in the ear. In addition, moisture in the ear canal helps bacteria and fungus to grow. Dri-Ear, as the name suggests, assists in drying the ear canal, reducing potential for inflammation and the development of bacterial/ fungal growth.

Dri-Ear was formulated to match a product that had been commercially available in the USA but had become difficult and expensive to obtain. Additionally, the product was only available in 60-millilitre bottles which then needed to be decanted into smaller bottles for individual use which not only was poor clinical practice but reduced the shelf life of the product.

“We set about solving these problems by producing Dri-Ear Drops which are made exclusively for us by a leading supplier of specialist, bespoke medicines to the NHS,” says Healthcare Marine. “Presented in plastic 10-millilitre dropper bottles, there is no need to decant and, with a two-year shelf life, wastage is minimal. They are also considerably less expensive than the original product.”

Since their introduction, Dri-Ear Drops have become the product of choice for many of the largest diving operators, according to Healthcare Marine. The company says it also regularly supplies contract divers on an individual basis, such is their confidence in the product. “Our managed service will ensure stock is always available and ready for shipment meaning there is no need for substantial levels of stockholding. We regularly ship to Africa, the Middle East and Australasia,” it adds.


Details – Healthcare Marine Ltd, 15 Camperdown Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee DD5 3AA, UK; tel: +44 (0)1382 520866; website:





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