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Jan/Feb 2019


Incredulous diving adventures

Lights! Camera! Sub Action!

This book is a blow-by-blow account of the real-life adventures of Mike Seares, who has worked on underwater projects in the film and TV industry for more than 30 years, written by the man himself!

The stories are as gripping as the subjects of the films.

As well as being whisked up into jaw-dropping amazement by the fantastic plots, locations, film-stars and adventures, the end result of reading this book is inevitably a degree of envy for the sheer fun Mike has had whilst coordinating many complex sequences and wielding his underwater camera!

You are treated to a privileged insight into filming astronauts in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Simulator, World War Two battleships at the bottom of the South China Sea, recovering Lucayan Indian skulls from the Blue Holes in the Bahamas, working with Indiana Jones and Steven Spielberg, car chases with Russian scientists in pursuit of an escaped beluga whale, and a host of other incredulous adventures.


Mike has a natural, descriptive style and he writes as if it were the camera talking. Reading the book is like watching an underwater thriller movie about underwater thriller movies! There are more than 300 photographs to accompany the book’s narrative.

Highly recommended reading.

Lights! Camera! Sub Action! is available in Kindle (£5.99), Kobo (£5.99), Apple Books (£7.99) and paperback (398 pages; ISBN 978-0-9957339-3-0, £11.99) versions. For further information, and links to purchase, go to

John Bevan

An indispensible reference work

Diving and Underwater Technology, 1405-1830

Quite simply, this is the most authoritative and comprehensive historical review of international diving technology that has ever been produced. It is the one and only encyclopaedia on the subject. It has been meticulously and painstakingly researched to the highest professional standard.

This handsome two-volume book is destined to become the ‘oracle’ for all diving historians. Apart from being an indispensible reference work, it is also a fascinating read, embellished generously with original illustrations. Open either volume at any page and you will be treated to fascinating, little-known facts.

Author Nigel Phillips is unquestionably the best-qualified to have produced this momentous work after a lifetime’s research. His attention to detail is as good as it gets.

No self-respecting underwater technology library can afford to be without it.

Diving and Underwater Technology 1405-1830; Two volumes; 900-plus pages; 289 illustrations from original sources, many in colour; fully indexed and referenced; bibliography; case-bound in cloth. ISBN: 978-1-9996777-0-1. Price (per set of two volumes & inclusive of postage): UK £150; EU £168; elsewhere £182. Order online at or email the publisher at

John Bevan





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